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Parking malaga airport

Parking Near Malaga Airport

Parking Sur is a pioneering company in parking services near Malaga airport, with more than 10 years of experience in the sector and with more than 100,000 customers behind us.


With the intention of satisfying all our customers, Parking Sur Málaga is a company that was created with the aim of offering a fast, easy and economical service. Our car park adapts to your needs, avoiding unnecessary transfers, lugging suitcases, minibus service etc.


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parking malaga airport
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What our clients say

client parking malaga airport

I did well with them. Economical, very punctual and they washed the outside of the car.

Rafael Arcas

client parking malaga airport

Great. They take you to and pick you up from the airport very very fast. Good facilities and service. I will repeat with them for sure. 

Grabiel Piccolo

cliente parking aeropuerto malaga

Cheap paking near to Málaga airport. You don't need to leave your car at the airport. They organise everything for you. We always repeat in the same place.

Javier Zamudio

client parking malaga airport

The best car parking Malaga airport, fast service, they pick up your car, bring you to the airport, with a smile, and the pick up is on time. 


cliente parking sur aeropuerto de malaga

I had no problem and of course every time I need a parking near to Malaga airport I will go to Parking Sur Malaga.

Jacinto Hurtado

Check your parking rates Sur Malaga

Our three parking options include different spaces in our parking. Choose the zone you want and read carefully what each zone contains, the price difference is not big but the service in each zone is different and more complete.

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